‘Shared thoughts COVID19’ by Lesley Pearson

“The UK began lockdown on 23rd March 2020.  At the time of writing we have been under lockdown conditions for five weeks.  Some of us hate the isolation of not seeing loved ones or going for a walk to the shops or just the damn boredom of it all coupled with a fear of catching this dreaded disease which is dominating the world at this time.

On the other hand, some of us are loving the opportunity to do and learn new things.  We can go on virtual excursions to museums and art galleries all over the world that we would never have the opportunity to do in real life.  Andrea Bocelli giving free concerts and Andrew Lloyd Webber giving performances of his musicals ‘live’ on the internet.  Whether you love them or hate them they are there, free, for the taking so long as you are on line.

Many of us alive today have heard our parents or grandparents telling us how they fought a war to give us our freedom and expected us to be proud of the sacrifices made – AND SO WE SHOULD.  We should also be rightly proud of Captain Tom Moore, the war veteran and his achievements of recent weeks, walking to raise millions for the NHS and being the oldest person ever to reach No 1 in the singles charts.  (A virtual clap would be appropriate at this juncture). *note: tonight’s national ‘Clap for Our Careers’ is taking place this evening at 8pm – the event now plays tribute to all key workers*

Many people around the world, not just in the UK, are living in fear of catching Covid 19, others have had it and survived and sadly many people have lost loved ones to it. Keep up with the social distancing, the hand washing and staying home.

Take care and best wishes to all Caring Together members”

Thank you Lesley, wishing you well too