Smiles all around on ‘World Smile Day!’


The arrival of letters in the charity sector isn’t always the highlight of the day but today’s batch certainly cheered us up.

Caring Together is delighted to be part of a new partnership with CLASSS (Community Leeds After School Study Support), it is small charity working with children aged 6 – 8 years. One of our volunteers is a volunteer with them as well, as their classroom lead for class 1. Eleven children in her class have started writing to eleven of our members, once every half term, and our members will then write back to them. This is a lovely inter-generational initiative that will give both generations a chance to practice, and for some rekindle,  their letter writing skills, and to also have a new friend and pen pal in the community 🙂

The letters were very decorative with some letting us know which animals and subjects in school they liked and another stating he was a ‘cheeky monkey’.