Snapshot in Time: in Little London, Woodhouse, City Centre of Leeds and further afield

Dear all,
We hope you enjoy these pictures taken by some residents of LIttle London and Woodhouse. Thank you to you all for continuing to share with us.

A few pics of Fewston Reservoir, May 2020.

Pictures taken by Sue Lonergan

It’s lovely to see other people’s pictures, so I thought I’d send a few from my walk one morning in May.  The water level is very low…
Sunday Morning between 1970 and 1980…
Picture taken by Ben Anson
These are definitely snapshots in time taken in Leeds on Sunday mornings between 1970 and 1980..was everyone in church or having a lie in?..they’re taken by a Leeds photographer..Pete Mitchell ..from a new book Early Sunday Morning..only 50 pounds..I guess Leeds libraries will have a copy..I wonder if he’ll do a newer book …Leeds in Lockdown..if he doesn’t someone else will.anyone recognize where some of the photos were taken?..I only recognise one…bye fer now..ben
Flowers in a members garden in Woodhouse
Picture taken by Lisa Argyle

Sand Sculpture in Red Car

Picture taken by Sylvia Whyke

At the seaside before the lockdown at Red Car

Picture taken by Sylvia Whyke
Veronica didn’t want to show her face but says Hello
Thank you to our friends and neighbours of Craven Road and Delph View
Please keep them coming, keep safe