Snapshot in Time: Kindness, Generosity and Creativity in Little London, Woodhouse and Centre of Leeds continues

Dear all,
Although the lockdown has eased for some folk in Little London, Woodhouse and parts of the City Centre you are still ‘Caring Together’ as you always did. And this is not just from the wonderful written and spoken words but to something a little different. See below just some of the donations we have had.

We had a speedy response to our plea for face coverings. See attached some fancy ‘face coverings’ made by Jill – thank you so much. Jill is already making some more as these have nearly all been taken. Felina is also giving this a go. Please do get in touch if you would like one, or have a go at making some. The ones we have are all washable.

See attached Brian who is modelling one we took to him last week.
Following a social call I took receipt of more homemade cards. See attached, they are gorgeous. Thank you Sue. I also need to say thanks to Sue for helping with the crocheting too as she was part of the talented team that helped to make the two crocheted blankets before the lockdown. She is now taking a break from card making and now knitting for premature babies at Leeds Hospitals.
I also got some stamps in the post, see attached. These too are most welcome. We will definitely make use of them. Thank you Denis.
Myrna was able to show me her baking this morning following our first online Zoom trial run. I quickly took a picture before they’re distributed to her neighbours.. lucky them 🙂 They were eccles cakes and scones. There was a fruit loaf too.
And finally, thank you for the monetary and food donations as well, we are truly appreciative. Everything we get, monetary. practically or in goods, it all goes directly back into the community. Your support for each other is humbling as you continue ‘Caring Together’.