West Yorkshire Playhouse to take Alan Bennett's Talking Heads to ...

Out exercising this morning, I met a neighbour who told me about her son who is home for the virus, insists on 2 hours of vigorous online exercise every morning in the living room – boom boom – get that left leg out.  It’s driving her mad. He’s furloughed from his job as a set maker for soaps. No soaps without the close up and personal, she said.

BUT there is one old favourite which is perfect for a locked down country, and it’s being filmed at arm’s length and it’s about loneliness: Talking Heads! From 1988 . Julie Walters, Maggie Smith, Patricia Routledge, Thora Hird, Stephanie Cole were the original lonely ladies now being replaced with newcomers. In the 1988 version, the background was all about disapproving of leopard skin coats and avoiding interfering social workers. It was a world of surnames – Miss This and Mr. That, except where the interfering Miss Ruddock ends up in prison and discovers a richer world of first names, even nicknames.

So how will Talking Heads be changed?  Will it be left with 1988 ideas of what’s ‘common’, a world where the vicar’s wife says, ‘I’m glad I’m not married to Jesus.’  I wish they would show us those originals so we can compare them.

So watch this space, what’s your favourite?  For me, it’s Thora Hird equal with Julie Walters, who is one of my favourite people in the whole world.

Written by Pat Tempest, Caring Together member and volunteer

Thanks for sharing this with us Pat, I look forward to seeing this. Take care.