TV Licensing scam

Dear all,

I got the below messages from two local residents this morning, please be mindful of emails from TV licensing. Thank you for sharing this with us in order to us all keep safe, take care.

“today i received an email with a good-looking address and official looking from the tv licencing people saying i had failed to pay this month’s payment and a link to a payment site also addressed very convincing, due to the security measures on my computer i looked into this further, definitely fake , looked very good !! could be doing the rounds ???? “


“The scam tv licensing emails are SO convincing – I think I’ve had 2 different ones, over the months. The first was so convincing, I only realised it was fake when I checked my banking app and it showed the payment to TV licensing going through as usual. Also I’d fortunately not deleted the (months old) genuine email from Tv licensing which they send on the renewal anniversary, and by comparing it with the scam one, you could see where the differences were”

I have put a link below for more information on what to look for from the genuine TV licensing service to help avoid tv licensing scams – it is very usual:

Helping you avoid TV Licensing scams – and how to report one
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