Winter Well-Being Visits

Checking in with some of our members is year long, although we know from chatting to them that certain times of the year can be tougher than others, especially with the darker nights and colder weather, because it can mean for some they don’t venture out as much as they would normally. Also for some the Festive season can also be tough, yet not for all as it can be a time for themselves:

Some recent comments:

“I can get up when I want and do what I want. For the first time I am going to be able to watch what I like on TV, and be able to hear it!”

Member talking about her first Christmas at home without her family


“I am looking forward to the summer as I do miss getting out when I can and being able to sit in my front garden”


“I do like all the lights and decorations, yet not everyone celebrates the festive season, so I am ok”


“I am glad I have somewhere to go again this year, the volunteers last year were amazing, they really looked after you!

Member looking forward to another Christmas Day at St Aiden’s

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