Get online!

Caring Together attended the first meeting today of the Neighbourhood Network Digital Working Group. It was an interesting afternoon session hosted by Ali from Leeds Older Peoples Forum and Rachel from 100% Digital.

Here at Caring Together we have made great strides in getting people online since the crisis started, following on from many years of prior work in this area. There is still so much that we can all learn from each other and we look forward to sharing experiences and picking up tips from the other networks as we move through the crisis and beyond. Most in attendance were of the opinion that lessons learnt today need to be maintained and strengthened as we move forward and become a regular feature of the support that we offer in the future.

If you know of any older people in Woodhouse, Little London or the City Centre that need help with using computers, smartphones or other digital media, let us know. We will help where we can, and if we don’t know, we know people who do.