Happy Summer Solstice! (And a very special eclipse)

Today is the day of Summer Solstice 2020.  And the sun seems to have returned to Leeds for this day with the longest daylight hours of the year.

The actual moment of the solstice this year is 10.43pm (this is the moment when the northern hemisphere is most tilted towards the sun).  Normally thousands of people gather at Stonehenge to celebrate and watch the sunset and the sunrise closest to the solstice.  As this is not possible this year, English Heritage have decided to set up a live stream meaning that for the first time people from all over the world will be able to be part of this.

The live stream will start on Saturday, June 20 at 9.26pm and continue until sunrise on Sunday, June 21, which is 4.52am – https://www.facebook.com/events/581183132524229/

If you don’t fancy staying up all night or getting up extremely early it will be available to watch back later.

This weekend also sees an annular eclipse – known as a ring of fire eclipse because a little bit of the sun will still be visible around the moon creating the visual effect of a shining ring in the sky.

You may be able to spot a 'ring of fire' eclipse this weekend ...

It won’t be visible in the UK but there is a live stream you can watch – starting from 6am on Sunday morning (so perfect if you are up early to watch the sunrise)