What would it take for your city to delight you?

As we emerge from lockdown, what do we want from our city? Do we want to return to ‘business as usual’ or is this an opportunity to think differently and create  the kind of place where we really want to live and where everyone  flourish?

This question will be explored in a partnership between two cities, Liverpool and Leeds. Each city will host one conversation, with a panel of speakers to explore the topic. There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions and raise issues with the panelists.

The Leeds event will take place on Saturday 27th June and includes the four speakers below

If you want to take part in either of the  the events you can book your free place below to join the conversation.

Liverpool Saturday 20th June – 7pm

Leeds Saturday 27th June – 7pm

Engage Liverpool are also going to live-stream it on Facebook and then post it to their YouTube channel.

Whether or not you would like to join the live events, they would still like to hear what you think. Please do get in touch using the survey linked below.

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The organisers had this to say in their press release:

“For an hour on Saturday evening from 7pm on the 20th and 27th June, we’ll hear stories and ideas from each city in turn, looking at exciting and delightful grassroots projects that add significant value to their communities and the city at large.

Over the series we’ll talk about how we scale these ideas and the role of active citizens within them. But we’ll also have space to talk about things that don’t exist yet, but we wish did, and ask what are the areas of the city that we wish would delight us and how we might get there. We’ll hear a broad range of ideas from each city and various communities within them that will spark discussion and ideas.

Each session will be chaired by representatives of both cities and we will draw threads for the things we have in common, and the things that make our cities uniquely delightful.

We will, of course, talk about the Pandemic we’re all facing and what we’re learning during it and what effect it is having on our cities. Are there any new things that are happening right now that we want to carry forward with us into our post pandemic cities? Do we want to go back to business as usual? Are our city leaders aware of these things?

We are building a community of enquiry around this question. We want the challenge of our city leaders and our citizens to go beyond a merely functional city, although we want that too, to how can cities inspire and delight the people that live in them and what role will we all play in this?”