Is shopping a struggle?

Assisted trip 2013 071Are you unable to do your grocery shopping on your own and don’t have anyone to help you?

Caring Together used to run an assisted shopping scheme and we would like to try and offer this service again, but first we must find out how many people need this so we can decide if it is a viable option.  We would plan to pick people up from home with accessible transport and go to a local supermarket where Caring Together volunteers or staff will help you with your shopping and we will help to carry the shopping in to your house when we return.  There would be
a small charge to cover the costs of the transport and it would be fortnightly, on a day to be determined.

If you think this is something that would benefit you, please let Valerie or Angela know, and, if enough people need it, hopefully we will be shopping very soon.

Also, if you think you would like to be a ‘shopping volunteer’ then please speak to Lisa about this.

Call the Caring Together office on  0113 2430298