‘Monday Mind Workout’

This week’s lockdown mind workout is a mixed bag of questions to ponder over whilst having your mid morning cuppa. Best of luck!

1. Due to a decrease in pollution, penguins have returned to swimming in the river thames, true or false?

2. What number do you get if you multiply all the numbers on a telephone keypad or mobile phone?

3. What is the best flavour of Haagen Daz’s ice cream?

4.What was the name of David Bowie’s flamboyant alter ego?

5. What number Downing Street does the Chancellor of the Exchequer usually live at?

6. How many legs are there in a three legged race?

7. What is tofu made from?

8. How are Cabaret, Mamma Mia! and Fiddler on the Roof connected?

9. What year was the Sony Walkman released?

10. The first four numbers that stay the same written up-side down are 0, 1, 8 and 11, What’s the next one?

11. What is the primary herb in pesto?

12. In a standard pack of playing cards what are the Queen’s holding in their hands?

13. Eurovision sensation ABBA came from which country?

14.Which of these birds is the odd one out? Cuckoo, Kittiwake, Swift, Curlew, ChiffChaff?

15. What are pontefract cakes made from?

16. What musical movie has the song “It’s the Hard Knock Life?

17.What’s the national animal of Scotland?

18. What type of pastry are profiteroles made from?

19. Singer David Soul also starred in which iconic action TV series?

20. What was the name of Frank Spencer’s wife in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em?

Answers to follow tomorrow.