‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Answers from Monday 29th June 2020

Dear all, please find below the answers from yesterday’s workout. How did you do?

  1. Dark Sunday or Saturday? Black Sabbath
  2. Unemployment card – UB40
  3. Champagne and orange – Buck’s Fizz
  4. First book in the bible –Genesis
  5. Lads that run an establishment selling animals –Pet Shop Boys
  6. They gather no moss – Rolling Stones
  7. Refined Association –Culture Club
  8. The direction where it is lovely –Beautiful South
  9. Merlin – Wizard
  10. Nosey feline is dead –Curiosity Killed the Cat
  11. Sinatra is off to make a film – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  12. They need straightening out –The Kinks
  13. B.A., B.Sc. and M.F.A. – Three Degrees 
  14. Cadbury’s very warm – Hot Chocolate
  15. Could be joiners or cabinet makers –The Carpenters 
  16. Sun Casts Them – The Shadows
  17. 7.Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – Four Seasons
  1. Anne, Mary, Elizabeth or Victoria –Queen 
  2. Stag, Cowboy, Dung and Colorado – Beatles
  3. Late night athlete on deck C – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  4. Throw Small Fruit– Chuck Berry
  5.  22.John Toilet – LuLu
  1. The Legend of the Chocolate Bar– Aerosmith
  2. Best Pal is Prickly Bush –Buddy Holly
  3. Both of You –U2