The Thermals have landed!


We now have our stock of thermal underwear to give to older people (in Woodhouse & Little London) who may need them this winter!

We only have a fairly small stock initially but we do have some money to purchase more if they prove popular.  Many thanks to Jonathan Morgan of Morgans City Living who generously gave us a donation so that we can provide these items to help older people stay warm this winter

The items we have in stock are

Ladies t-shirt style vests – Medium, Large and Extra Large

Ladies ‘Long Janes’ – Medium, Large and Extra Large

Mens t-shirts – Medium, Large and Extra Large

Mens Long Johns – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

And we also have some bedding and snuggie blankets available for Caring Together members who have not already received these.

If you need any of these items, and you are a Caring Together member,  please contact Valerie on 0113 2430298 or

If you are not a Caring Together member but are over 60 and live in Woodhouse or Little London then get in touch to find out more about us and how to join!

National Community Meals Week

This week has been  National Community Meals Week .  A third of all local authorities no longer provide a meals service but Leeds, despite many cuts, is still one of the two thirds that do.

Leeds  Community Meals service has been delivering hot meals for over 40 years. The service supports elderly and vulnerable people in the city and helps them live independently in their own homes. Over 400 meals a day are now delivered in the city.

Call Community Meals Leeds on 0113 247 8577 to find out how you, or someone you care about can start receiving meals. The office is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.00pm.  Or look here.

World Diabetes Day 2014

Today is  World Diabetes Day,  co-ordinated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

The theme of World Diabetes Day, from 2014 to 2016 will be healthy living and diabetes and this year, there’s a focus on starting each day right by having a healthy breakfast.

A healthy breakfast should help blood sugar levels from getting too high and should keep you full through the morning. Whilst cereal and toast may be cheap, these options typically raise blood sugar levels rapidly and may leave you hungry again before lunch.

If you drink fruit juice for breakfast, consider cutting the juice out or having a smaller glass of it. For reference, a 150ml glass of unsweetened orange juice contains around 15g of carbohydrate and 13g of sugar.

More information here

Thank you to Harrison & Potter Trust

ready for the offWe are really pleased that Harrison & Potter Trust have awarded us a grant of £5,000 towards our costs for accessible transport.  This is good news for us as transport is a major expense for us – we spent £12,500 on it last year.

This grant will help us to continue to provide subsidised transport to our groups, activities and outings and helps us to make sure that older people who would not be able to attend without transport help can participate in all the things we offer

A big thank you to Harrison & Potter Trust

Fairies visit Caring Together

We were intrigued yesterday when we received messages via Twitter saying fairy wings may be coming our way.

This morning we arrived to find that we had indeed been visited by fairies overnight and they had left us some wonderful gifts!

We are so grateful to @thetwofairies for their gorgeous gifts and the lovely message:

“We couldn’t visit Leeds with saying hi. Thinking about your work makes us soar when we fly”

It’s enough to make us believe in magic!

SAM_1662 SAM_1655



People Matters Pop Up Cafe at Woodhouse Community Centre

Thank you to the group from People Matters who were serving delicious home made Pea and Mint or Carrot and Cheddar soup along with home made bread at their pop up cafe in Woodhouse Community Centre today.  Just the thing for an Autumn Day and for the bargain price of £1.50 too!

The next one is on Tuesday December 2nd and it will be ‘something seasonal’ so  come along to support them and eat a very nice home cooked meal

It will be in the Doreen Tinker Room at Woodhouse Community Centre 11am-1pm