Light Night 2021 – 14th/15th October

Thursday 14 and Friday 15 October 2021 – the UK’s largest annual arts and light festival.

Natural wonders to illuminate Leeds as Light Night returns: 01. Lightning Catchers by Seb Lee-Delisle

Go to to see all that is happening across 10 zones.
This year Light Night Leeds will be taking some  projects out of the city centre and bringing #ArtintheDark into different local areas and communities around Leeds. Kirkstall – Holbeck – Chapeltown – Woodhouse

The spectacular wonders of the natural world will come to life on the streets of Leeds for Light Night 2021

The hugely popular cultural showpiece will see a breath-taking programme of illuminated artworks take over well-known landmarks and locations across Leeds city centre on October 14 and 15.

Under the banner Back to Nature, this year’s event will be themed around nature and the environment, with artists from around the world creating pieces reflecting everything from the spectacular diversity of the animal kingdom to the beauty of trees and plants and even the unstoppable power of the weather.

The event will also encourage visitors to think about their own impact on the environment and how we can all play a part in combatting climate change and supporting the planet’s precious and fragile ecosystems.

Highlights this year will include the chance to catch digital lightning bolts, cast from the front of Leeds Civic Hall thanks to artist Seb Lee-Delisle, and the opportunity to take control of a circle of futuristic monoliths on Millennium Square with Canadian studios Jack World and Ottomata.

French artists Pitaya’s light sculpture at Leeds Dock will recreate a giant, endangered marine mammal in a powerful message about biodiversity, while Leeds Town Hall’s Victoria Hall will be hosting a captivating combination of light, music and performance created by artist Richard Evans exploring the critical issue of climate change.

And on Queen Square Luke Jerram’s remarkably accurate large-scale replica of the Earth, made with detailed NASA imagery, will remind visitors of the Earth’s precarious beauty.

This year’s Light Night will mark a return to a more familiar format after COVID-19 restrictions meant that last year’s events were socially distanced or enjoyed remotely. The 2021 programme has been modified to allow for additional safety measures but will still feature more than 40 installations and artworks spread across ten different zones, many supported by local businesses.

Shared Moments: OUT AND ABOUT WITH CARING TOGETHER written by Maureen Kershaw

Hello all,

Whilst still being officially in Summer, although one or two days have felt distinctly Autumnal, Caring Together have ensured its members  are able to get out and about now that we can enjoy more freedom!

A walk round the Woodhouse Moor Allotment was a joy to see just how the vegetables and plants were thriving since our previous visit when the raised beds were very much in their infancy. Sterling work carried out there.

A visit to the new ‘Stick or Twist’ in town for lunch was most enjoyable, Lisa having reserved tables for us in a far corner which enabled us all to chat easier. Fourteen of us enjoyed snacks to full lunches and what good value when hot drinks at 99p are refilled as many times as one can drink! I reminisced that we were actually on the exact spot of the old ‘Cinderella/Rockerfellas’ nightclub, replaced by the Grosvenor Casino then another Wetherspoons pub before this one was born.

A walk around the Gardens at Roundhay followed by a cuppa and cake (of course) in the Canal Gardens added to our new found freedom as did the visit to Golden Acre Park. The latter being a cloudy day, didn’t stop the many photo opportunities of the lake, swans and demonstration gardens. Finishing our walk, naturally, at the Cafe the clouds broke up and our chat over refreshments on the terrace was bathed in very warm sunshine, so much so it was almost tempting to re-take all the photos again, against a different backdrop! A short walk to the bus stop, our ‘resident horticulturist’ (as I refer to him) Ben decided to extend his walk by heading towards Cookridge for the bus home. In reality he took one or two wrong turnings along the way, ending up at one point at the end of the Airport runway, the roar of an incoming aircraft so low nearly blowing his cap off! I think in future we’ll keep to Lisa’s walking routes and not be influenced by Ben!

Those of us who have continued to enjoy ‘Elevenses’ on Zoom each week, went out on location again, this time to Pat’s at her lovely home with a wonderful garden to relax in and enjoy. Thanks to the wonders of technology we were able to link up ‘Elevenses’ with anyone unable to attend in person.  We chatted to Denise and her grandson Theo whilst Lisa gave them a visual guided tour of the lovely garden. Who would have ever thought at one time this would all be possible!

A real sun-trap we enjoyed our coffees and teas, some being treated to a homemade lemon balm variety from the garden. So much to look at and admire, plants, fruit trees, garden ornaments and bird baths, our attention was constantly drawn to something else espied through the greenery. Then it was time for the goldfish in the garden pond to be fed, which we understood numbered around 40! Suddenly there was a mass of bright orange as hungry mouths surfaced which obviously prompted another photo opportunity.  Thank you Pat for your warm welcome and hospitality.

I understand there are a few more ideas for outdoor events in the pipeline to enjoy before the weather changes and it would be wonderful to see more join us. We will take advantage of the rest of the Summer, before ‘indoor’ events, such as lunching out take over. All too soon the lightweight clothing will be replaced with jumpers and heavier coats but then it will be Autumn – my favourite season – and we will be blessed with the rich golden tones,  of reds, rust and browns as the trees also shed their Summer outfits. Let’s  make the best of what is on offer, we all deserve it.

Thank you Caring Together for your continuing support to all, for encouraging the companionship and camaraderie enjoyed. Many of us will remember when our family Doctor used to prescribe a bottle of ‘tonic’ to improve our well-being and lift the spirits – but this is far better!

20210816_112012 - Copy.jpg

Headingley Farmers Market and Heart Centre both celebrating birthdays tomorrow

Headingley FarmeMay be an image of one or more people and outdoorsrs Market is on tomorrow and is celebrating it’s 15th birthday.

9am – 12.30pm – Rose Garden North Lane Headingley LS6 3JJ

For a full list of all the stalls for this month as well as details of entertainment here


And on the same day the Heart Centre in Bennet Road is celebrating turning 10.

All the details of what they have going on can be found here





Heritage Open Days 2021 starts today

Heritage Open Days 10-19th September 2021 – In person and online events

Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days is England’s largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,000 local people and organisations, and thousands of volunteers. Every year in September, places across the country throw open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – and it’s all FREE.

The events this year are a mix of in-person and online events – many are both so you can choose between getting out and about in the local area or taking part in something further afield without needing to leave home.

Leeds Inspired have pulled together a selection of what is happening in Leeds: 

All the events can be found here

Age Proud Festival 6-17 September

The very first Leeds Age Proud Festival starts today.

The Festival will run between 6th and 17th September at a range of venues across the city as well as lots of virtual events from the comfort of your own living room. An opportunity to try something new, embark on some self-improvement or just watch something that interests or entertains you.

The festival aims  to showcase the city of Leeds as a great, community focussed city with lots to offer older people.  A place where people can feel involved and valued.

Information about all the events can be found here:

It will be updated with new information throughout the festival so is worth checking back to see what’s new.


Shared Moments: ‘On turning a light green’ written by Lynne Fordyce

Dear all,

I have taken up litter picking. It would be wrong to call it a hobby and was not on my bucket list of things to do in my retirement years but litter picking is now one of my pleasures.

As a young person I was somewhat oblivious of the effects of litter on the environment and as a smoker had no qualms at throwing fag ends into the wilderness, or the gutter, with a sense of self righteousness, believing, honestly, that they were bio-degradable. I was once stopped in the street by a man who told me I’d dropped something pointing to a match, and with a sudden sense of guilt, I apologised, picked it up and pocketed it.

Perhaps it was part of my awakening although it’s difficult to know what contributed to the process. David Attenborough in Zoo Quest was definitely part of my weekly childhood pleasures; all those lovely furry creatures; but I rather forsook him later in pursuit of the finer things in life like work and children and a little pub culture.

Litter picking, as I’ve discovered, need not be a lone event. About twenty years ago my partner joined a group of others on a Sunday morning to clear a piece of wasteland. The group, organised in the local pub, had a highly entertaining time and returned full of stories of their finds alongside a new camaraderie. Litter pickers united.

Anyway I joined a similar group on Woodhouse Moor, of  which I have been a “Friend of” for a long time, a task which has involved attending meetings three or four times a year at a co-Friends’ house eating, sharing wine, and agreeing to some proposals. This litter picking event was organised however by young people full of “green credentials” never having discarded as much as a bottle top in their lives. I was provided with a large plastic hoop thing not unlike a giant bubble wand, a black bag to attach to it and a stick with a claw on the end to pick up litter with and set off to fill my bag, which I did, far too easily.

I’ve changed tactics now though and palled up with Cate another late litter picker and every other Sunday morning we circle our local area. We have our own equipment. Personal litter pickers and black bags. No bubble-blower shaped thingy though. Our general finds are mundane, pop-cans; masks; wrappers; plastic bits; and an odd sock. However, last Sunday was different.

My eyesight is not brilliant, I have bi-focals and developing cataracts but there under an overhanging hedge I spied the monarchs head. A tenner. £10 !

“This one’s mine” I said to Cate rather greedily, but as I clutched it between the claws of my picker- upper  there was another one  “and that one’s yours” I added as a magnanimous gesture . Twenty quid for an hour of conversation, fresh air and a saunter. Becoming  a light shade of green has its rewards.

image sourced from Leeds University Union

World Alzheimer’s Month – Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and includes World Alzheimers Day on September 21st.  The theme for World Alzheimer’s Month in 2021 is ‘Know dementia, know Alzheimer’s’.

Alzheimer’s Society UK say “This year we are talking about the power of knowledge. By learning more about dementia and understanding changes in memory and behaviour, you and your loved ones can feel empowered to reach out for the help and support you need.

This month, we’re encouraging everyone to know the signs and symptoms of dementia so they can get the right diagnosis and support as quickly as possible.”

There is lots of information on the Alzheimer’s Society website: including publications that you can download or order paper copies if you prefer.


‘New Bereavement Support Group’

Thanks to support from Leeds Bereavement Forum and Carers Leeds, Caring Together will be hosting a ‘New Monthly Bereavement Support Group’ at our new Caring Together premises. Come and meet other bereaved people for group support and understanding. A warm welcome, cuppa and biscuits will also be on offer too.

Our first get together will be Monday 13th September 2021 @11am – 12noon

Thereafter it will then be on the 1st Monday of the month. So for October the date will be: Monday 4th October 2021 at 11am – 12noon

If you are interested, or just want to know more the please do get in touch. Call Lisa 07436 530073, or email if  you wish:


From the virtual to the reality….

From the virtual to the reality….
Following the lock down some of us embarked on a journey of learning together. This led to frustration as well as elation as we got to grips with the world of zooming. We have met online ever since and from April 2020 and have clocked up 65 zoom sessions in total. We joined the sessions one at a time and supported each other as we navigated this new way of being together.
Two weeks ago our virtual world became more of a reality gathering. Most of us met in Pat’s beautiful garden, with Denise and her grandson joining us virtually. We have heard so much about Pat’s garden over the past year it was great to get to see it for ourselves along with her fish.  We also had home made lemon balm tea and biscuits.
We are still going to meet online as well as in person. It will be monthly from September’21 on the 1st Thursday of the month. So this Thursday at 11am. We love our catch ups, from books, to dentists, local goings on, gardens, holidays; past and present, to films, art, music and history….. You name it, we have chatted about it. It has also been a huge support network too, with plenty of laughter along the way.
If anyone wishes to join us please call Lisa 07436 530073 or email:

Leeds West Indian Virtual Carnival 2021 – Bank Holiday Monday


The 54th Leeds West Indian Carnival is returning with its second year as a Virtual Carnival event, and this year is celebrating the incredible legacy!

Lockdown has eased up, but as the pandemic continues, this year’s Carnival will return as a virtual celebration. This summer, the celebrations are covid safe with the return of some of your favourite events. Still bringing the joy, vibes, excitement, our incredible legacy and much more.

Come and join in this August Bank Holiday Monday for the live streaming of the Carnival Celebrations. You can party in your front rooms and gardens.

Virtual Jouvert And Carnival

VENUE: Online

Start Time: 7.00AM
ENDS: 7.00PM

Book your online zoom slot here on Eventbrite.

Watch on

Watch on You Tube: