Great British Home Chorus

British choirmaster, composer and TV presenter, Gareth Malone, has launched an ‘at home’ digital choir to boost the nation’s morale during coronavirus self-isolation.

His heart-warming new initiative, ‘The Great British Home Chorus’, has been designed to bring together both amateur and professional performers around the UK by encouraging them to sing with others online.

The next rehearsal will be at 5.30pm today

You can register here to get all the information, songsheets etc: (it’s free)

If you don’t want to register but just want to watch (you may feel inspired to sing along 😀) you can see it on you tube:…


‘Plum Tree Blossom’

Special moments captured whilst checking in with members:

“This is a photo is of the plum tree blossom at the Caring Together allotment. I went out for some exercise and potential food supplies. I checked on the rhubarb as thought I might be able to gather some yet it seems to be a bit slow this year. I was told it was because we haven’t had a cold enough winter and it needs cold to trigger good growth as it’s originally from Siberia.  Although everyone knows rhubarb comes from Yorkshire and the rhubarb triangle….!”

Caring Together Member and Volunteer

‘Virtual Party’

‘Virtual Party’

Special moments captured whilst checking in with members:

“It was my friends birthday last week. I managed to get a card to her before the lock down. On the day of her birthday I got up and dressed. I made some food and sat at my table and lit a candle. My friend sat in her home and did the same with her cards around her. We sat and said a virtual cheers to each other. You have to have a laugh in between the gloom”.

Caring Together Member and volunteer

Historical look at Quarry Hill Flats in Leeds: ‘The Lost Community’

These two short films offer a historical look at Quarry Hill Flats in Leeds: ‘The Lost Community’
The below link is where Martin McGuire talks about his time living there. There are some lovely pictures. The film is by Leeds Museums
Please note both have sound so you might have to unmute them if you can’t hear them
Quarry Hill Flats, Leeds: 'They didn't get it wrong – well not for ...

Clap for Carers – to thank NHS workers Tonight at 8pm

People across the country are being asked to join a #clapforcarers event tonight to thank the NHS workers who are working tirelessly throughout the ongoing COVID-19(coronavirus) pandemic in the UK.

Clap for carersThe Clap For Our Carers campaign will see people across the UK applaud NHS workers from the doorsteps, balconies or windows of their homes at 8pm, in order to say thank you for all of their hard work.

The idea behind this campaign is to show our appreciation for doctors, nurses, GPs and every other NHS worker during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, through a nationwide round of applause.

Those joining in should make sure to keep a safe distance from other people.

People are being encouraged to live stream their participation on  social media channels.

Similar events have already been held in countries including Spain, France and the Netherlands.

Step-by-step guide: How to video call family and friends

BBC Step-by-step guide: How to video call family and friends

If you are self-isolating at home, video-chatting can help you stay in touch with your friends and family.

This guide will show you how to make a video call using a smartphone, or receive one using your desktop computer – or help you explain how to do so to others. Click on the below link for more details

Video call