Making our own!

The Wednesday and Friday Groups at Caring Together decided to have a couple of sessions making their own decorations for the Christmas Festivities. Everyone agreed that it is nice to have some original pieces of home made craft alongside the shop bought glitz. (and also gave us the opportunity of using up some of the craft materials accumulated over the years).



More from the Singing Project

As promised, we said that we were going to post some more images of the 6 weeks collaboration with the  LUUMIC Society at Leeds University. This was a massive success and definitely something that we would like to do again in the future. Singing as part of a group is more than just a bit of fun. It’s been scientifically proven that it is good for your health: from getting more oxygen into the blood, to increasing the flow of feelgood hormones and improving mental health. More of this we say.

Letters Across the Ages

CLASSS (Community Leeds After School Study Support) a small charity working with children aged 6 – 8 years are, as we have posted here before, part of a new partnership with Caring Together in which some of our members and staff correspond with children once every half term. The latest batch of highly ornate and decorated letters arrived yesterday and once again brought smiles to our faces.


Christmas Cheer with the Students and Staff of Notre Dame

Once again Caring Together were invited by Notre Dame for their annual Christmas Party for older people in the local area. As usual, the entertainment was first class, and the reception and service by the students was exemplary. From the teachers choir to the individual performances and duets of the students, those present were treated to a wonderful afternoon of talent on display. Many thanks to the staff and students involved in organising this and we wish them the very best for the Christmas festivities and the New Year.









Assisted Shopping

Caring Together , as we do every year, organised an assisted shopping trip yesterday for those members who require a little extra assistance. As always, this was only possible with the help of our volunteers, who provided one to one support. Many thanks for their help. It was a cold and blustery day but this did not stop everyone enjoying the trip. If any members have any ideas regarding similar assisted outings in the future, please let us know.


Hamper Helpers

Caring Together volunteers were on hand once again this year to put together hampers for our older members. The hampers, made up largely of food donations from the parishioners of the Grove Methodist Church in Horsforth, will be distributed by staff and volunteers during December. Many thanks to those that helped today and have pledged to help out during December.


Meeting up at Write Back!

Caring Together members who are taking part in the Write back project in collaboration with Leeds University met up with new and existing Pen Pals at the University last Friday. This was arranged as a meet-up before participating students head off for the Christmas break. It was wonderful for those involved to meet up and everyone took part in a Yorkshire Quiz organised by the University.

A big Welcome at the Leeds Lions Christmas Sing-along


Leeds Lions gave a big welcome to Caring Together, our members and many other groups of people last Friday at St Chad’s in Headingley. Billed as an evening of Tea, Entertainment and Merriment, those attending were treated to a choir as well as an appearance by the Lord Major of Leeds, Councillor Jane Dowson, who herself gave the audience  a solo rendition of a Christmas Carol. A big thanks to the Leeds Lions for their invite and the very best to them for the future.