Free course for over 60s from Leeds Mindfulness Cooperative

Mindfulness for Health 8 week course – online or in person in East Leeds
Let’s recover together
Aimed at people living in Leeds:
who are over 60 and living with pain, fatigue, long covid or other health difficulties,
or who are over 60 and facing isolation or are bereaved after the pandemic.

You can choose to be online or in person at Space2 in Gipton, Leeds.

Taster session on Monday 3rd October 10.30 am – 12.00
The 8 week course starts Monday 10th October 10.30 am – 1 pm (breaks are built into the morning)

Booking is essential.
Phone Jelena at Space 2 on 0113 320 0159 or mobile 07519 042683 for more info or to book your place.

8 week course teaches the skills to help you support your physical and mental health. Each week introduces key ideas and practices which help us to live well and thrive in the face of health challenges such as chronic pain, fatigue, chronic illness and stress.
What will I learn?
mindfulness and self compassion skills in daily life, how mindfulness can help manage pain, stress and chronic health conditions, to live in the present moment and breathe into your experience, rather than tensing against it, the art of taking joy in simple everyday pleasures, greater concentration and focus, transformative body and breath awareness for relaxation, tranquility and to let go of tension

What is involved?
8 weeks of 2.5 hour sessions with breaks, a mixture of practicing mindfulness, learning ideas and discussion, being in a warm and friendly group where you can choose what to share, led by an experienced accredited mindfulness teacher, resources to practice at home, free membership of an online community of practice to continue after the course.
Information about this and other courses at

Leeds Mindfulness Cooperative

Meter readings prior to October price increase

Energy prices rise again on October 1st and while the government’s new price guarantee has limited that to some extent they will still be going up by over 25% for most people (unless you are on a fixed tarrif)

So, it is a good idea to give your energy company meter readings to make sure you are only being billed for what you use. If you can send in a reading for on or around 30th September this means your usage will be accurately recorded at the point of the price increase and should hopefully avoid disputes later on.

You don’t necessarily have to submit your reading on this day, most energy companies will let you send in a backdated reading for a few days after. When the prices went up in April many energy companies websites and phone lines crashed because of the volume of people trying to use them so a day or so after might be better.…/how-to-read-your…/

If you have a smart meter, and it is working, you don’t need to send readings in.

One week left to use old £20 and £50 notes

Following the introduction of polymer notes in 2020, the paper £20 and £50 notes will cease to be legal tender on 30th September and you will no longer be able to use them in shops etc.

So now seems like a good time to check down the back of the sofa or in the pockets of that coat you haven’t worn all summer and see if you still have any old notes.

Spend them before next Friday, swap them at a bank, or deposit them into your bank account.

If you find you still have some after Friday’s deadline you will not be able to spend them but you still have options:

Your bank may swap them for new notes or let you deposit them into your account.

Your local Post Office may let you deposit them into your bank account but you won’t be able to do a swap for new notes at the post office.

Many banks and Post Offices will be happy to do this but they are not obliged to, so if you are unable to swap or deposit them with your own bank, the Bank of England will swap the old notes for you.

You can do this in person at the Bank of England (BoE) counter at Threadneedle Street, London. You may need to provide two original identity (ID) documents or you can send them by post. You need to fill in a form and send copies of ID – see for the form and more details.

Or, an easier option, if your bank or post office says no, might be to ask a friend or family member to try their bank.

Cost of living payments

£150 cost of living payments for those receiving disability benefits are starting to be paid from this week and everyone who is eligible should have received it by beginning of October.

You are entitled to this payment if you receive one of the following benefits (note you must have been entitled to it on the qualifying date – 25th May 2022)

  • Attendance Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • War Pension Mobility Supplement

It will be paid into the same bank account as your benefit – you do not need to do anything it will be paid automatically.

Scam warning

There have been reports of people receiving text messages asking them to follow a link to claim this payment. This is a scam – you do not have to claim this payment it should be paid to you automatically.

Please be aware and don’t click any links on a message like this, or give any details out to anyone for payment of this, the DWP will not need to ask you for any of this as they will be paying you with the same details they use to pay your benefits.

Backstage tour of The Grand Theatre

East Street Arts have got an event coming up with Opera North. They would like to invite you to come and have a backstage tour of The Grand Theatre, including on stage to see their amazing stage set up close, and then stay for the dress rehearsal of their brand new show ‘La Traviata’. This is a perfect visit for anyone who has never been to the opera, or who is curious about what happens backstage! The event is on Monday 26th September 2022. The tour will take place from 16:30 – 17:45. The dress rehearsal will take place from 18:30. It finishes at 21.30pmIf this is of interest to you you can book a ticket using this link.

On stage with Opera North

Bank Holiday – need to knows

You will be aware that Monday 19th September has been designated a bank holiday for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

If you are due to be paid your Pension or any benefits on Monday 19th, they will be paid into your bank on Friday 16th.

Many shops, including most supermarkets, and cafes/restaurants, food outlets and even some pubs will be closed – even those who usually open on bank holidays, so if you need shopping plan to do it beforehand. If you were expecting an online grocery delivery on Monday 19th it is likely to be cancelled, hopefully the supplier will have been in touch – if not it’s probably best to contact them and find out what alternative arrangements you can make.

Most GP practices will close as on a normal bank holiday but you will still be able to access health care if you need it – call 111 or use If you need a pharmacy on Monday you should be able to find out which are open on

Leeds Teaching hospitals have said they are trying to continue with planned appointments and operations as much a possible so if you have an appointment and haven’t been contacted to say it is cancelled please attend as normal.

LCC bin collections will be suspended on Monday 19th and so bins will all be collected one day later this week – including Sunday 25th September.

Finally, the queens funeral will be shown on most TV channels – coverage will be most of the day but the funeral itself is 11am. You can also watch it on the big screen at Millennium Square. This is free and will be from 10am – 6pm more details here…/live-coverage-of-the…/…

Reading of the West Yorkshire Proclamation

Sunday 11th September at 12:45

The public are invited to the formal West Yorkshire Proclamation of King Charles III will take place on Sunday 11th September at 12:45 at Leeds Civic Hall.

The High Sheriff will be accompanied by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Robert W Gettings MBE JP and Lord Lieutenant in proclaiming the reign of King Charles III in a historic moment for Leeds and West Yorkshire. Flags at all Leeds City Council civic buildings will be raised to full mast to mark the occasion. Following the proclamations flags will be re-lowered to half-mast where they will remain for the duration of the period of national mourning.

The short historic service will be live streamed on Leeds City Council’s YouTube channel for people who are unable to attend. Attendees will have the chance to sign the book of condolence after the service.

Leeds Civic Hall

Heritage Open Days 2022

9th – 18th September 2022

Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days is England’s largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,000 local people and organisations, and thousands of volunteers. Every year in September, places across the country throw open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – and it’s all FREE.

The events this year are a mix of in-person and online events – many are both so you can choose between getting out and about in the local area or taking part in something further afield without needing to leave home.

Leeds Inspired have pulled together a selection of what is happening in Leeds:

All the events can be found here