Shared Moments: “Is the kettle on?” written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

“Is the kettle on?” – I first heard the word ‘Elevenses’ when I was four or five playing with friends. Mrs Chaffer would say to her son Keith and his friends “time for elevenses” and reward us with milk and biscuits. I would have never believed that almost 70 years later, friends and aquaintances would meet for ‘Elevenses’, but each in their own homes, watching and talking to each other on a screen, bigger than the one we all sat round to watch “The Coronation” on. Yes, ‘Zoom’ courtesy of ‘Caring Together’ and hosted by Lisa is a lovely way to spend an hour each Thursday morning. As we log in and each face pops up on screen we all give a welcoming greeting and wave – which is quite funny as I’ve found it happens in business meetings too. At the end of the meeting, everyone waves as we say ‘goodbye’ and I wonder if we do this on entering or leaving a room? I don’t believe we do but it’s all part of the camaraderie and fun of ‘Zoom’.

We’ve all been thoroughly enjoying these weekly meet-ups and catching up with the latest events. Whether it’s the latest Covid rulings or what’s been happening around Woodhouse and beyond, we’ve shared ups and downs, admired the latest haircuts and generally had an entertaining hour. We have our cuppa and refreshments, compare notes on how we see Leeds is getting steadily busier and  discuss what the next musical is to be streamed on TV. There’s always laughter and it makes us all feel  better for it. All too soon our time is up and there is a chorus of ‘bye’ and ‘see you next week’ – with the customary waving of course – as Lisa flicks the switch and we all disappear from the screen. It reminds me of back in the 1950s when my favourite programme ‘Andy Pandy’ finished and I cried when they all went into the basket ‘until next time’.  I haven’t cried yet at ‘Elevenses’ but I may do yet – with laughing!

How lovely Maureen, thank you so much, we do enjoy it.

Caring Together Online ‘Elevenses’ is every Thursday at 11am  

If you would like to join us then please do let me know, I can help with getting you set up if needed, and even have some trial runs. It is all very informal and no need to join each week, just when you feel like it. We would love to see you 🙂 Email:

See the below picture of some of us all looking intently at some artefact Graham had been given. We were unsure what it was.