The People’s Powered Press

Caring Together members recently visited Leeds-based design studio Split to have a go at producing their own public poster featuring their own words using the Peoples Powered Press. Built by JKN OilTools in Batley, the People Powered Press was originally created for These Northern Types and is thought to be the largest letterpress printing press of it’s kind in the world.

The visit was part of a joint project with SKIPPKO and was certainly a great success among those who participated.

Hepworth Art Gallery Trip

A group of us from Caring Together took a minibus out to Wakefield today to visit the Hepworth Art Gallery. And very enjoyable it was! As well as the permanent display of Barbara Hepworth’s own work there was an exhibition of  around 45 early paintings and works on paper by Alan Davie and David Hockney, many of which have not been seen publicly for decades.


Annual Party

It was Caring Together’s Annual Party a week last Saturday. Held, as in previous years, at the Jubilee Club in Woodhouse, the afternoon was most enjoyable. A large crowed were entertained by our perennial favourites, Horizon, food and drinks were available and a raffle was held at the end. All reports so far have signalled that the event was a massive success. A huge thanks as always to all of the staff and volunteers whose hard work made the afternoon possible.

Amazon Scam

Image result for computer scam"

Criminals are targeting members of the public with automated calls stating that the recipient has been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. 

The callers use this lure as a way to gain access to the recipient’s online banking account.

How does it work?

1. The victim receives an automated call stating that they’ve been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. They’re asked to press 1 to cancel the charge, this connects them directly to the fraudster.

2. A fraudster, posing as an Amazon customer service representative, then tells the victim that the Prime subscription was purchased fraudulently and that they need remote access to the victim’s computer in order to fix a security flaw that will prevent it from happening again.

3. The victim is asked to download an application called Team Viewer, which grants the fraudster remote access to the victim’s computer.

4. The victim is then asked to log onto their online banking account whilst the criminals are able to monitor everything via Team Viewer


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Bussing in the bus drivers!

There were 27 people exercising at the Tuesday Group this week. Our regular group were joined by Bus Drivers and other staff, from many areas of England and the Channel Islands, employed by HCT (Hackney Community Transport – which shows their origins). HCT are a Social Enterprise in the transport industry, delivering services in West and South Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Bristol, Jersey and Guernsey. We regularly use the Leeds based services for our groups that are based at Leeds Alternative Travel. The reason for the visit was for them to view services and activities that take place as apposed to just dropping people off. It was great from our perspective to show them what we do and to learn more about their organisation.

Huge thanks to our members for welcoming visitors to their group, the caring together team, and of course Julie (exercise trainer) for keeping everyone motivated.

‘Lively and Colourful’

Thanks to a wonderful partnership with Dance On and Yorkshire Dance, members of Caring Together will be performing in the Ageless Festival this weekend at Yorkshire Playhouse. We do wish them well. They have definitely worked hard in rehearsals. And if the flash-mob at the White Rose is anything to go by, it will be lively and colourful.

Staff, Volunteers, Members and Supporters of Caring Together are continuously breaking down stereotypes of ageing and this playful look at stereotypical views of ageing is another example. Do get in touch if you would like to know any more of what we do at Caring Together and how you too can get involved. Or call us if you have other ideas of how we can create new, fun and interesting opportunities and activities together.

Yoga is back

Our Chair Based Yoga sessions have begun. We are in a different venue this time round. It is peaceful and welcoming. Our mind and body movements, strength  based exercises and mindful breathing left us feeling truly relaxed. We hope you can join us again this week. We have 5 more sessions to go.
Lisa will be about from 10.30am to let anyone in near the front entrance. It starts at 10.45am each week. Please call to find out more.
The next one this week is:
Thursday 24th October 2019
going through to, and including:
Thursday 21st October 2019 – 10.45am to 11.45am.
Lisa has added a link below about a recent blog she found on Age UK website’s with regards to Chair Based Yoga, on which they state ‘offers the same benefits as you would from mat yoga’ and one from the NHS – ‘A Guide to Yoga’