£150 Council Tax Rebate to help with energy bills.

Important: You may need to claim to get it.

Most households are eligible for a council tax rebate of £150 to help with rising energy costs.

This rebate is a one-off payment and does not have to be paid back.

To be eligible, on Friday 1 April 2022, your household must:

  • be in council tax band A, B, C or D
  • be the only or main place you live

Find out which band your property is in by checking your council tax bill or the government’s council tax band search.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit you don’t need to do anything, the £150 will be paid into your bank account by the end of April.

If you don’t pay by direct debit you will need to fill in a form to claim your rebate. This form will be available from today at leeds.gov.uk/energybillsrebate

You can choose to be paid directly, or to get £150 off this year’s council tax bill.  

To complete the form, you will need:  

  • an email address
  • your council tax account number
  • one proof of identity, such as passport, driving licence, bank statement or utility bill (this cannot be your council tax bill)
  • Bank details if you want the money paid into your bank.

If you are eligible but don’t pay any council tax because you get full council tax benefit support you will also need to claim via the form at leeds.gov.uk/energybillsrebate

If you need help to claim this you can get help at any of the councils Community Hubs from today.

You can also contact Caring Together for help to fill in the forms.

If you are not eligible for the rebate – for example if your house is in a higher band but you will be struggling to pay your bills there is some support available from a ‘discretionary fund’ and we should have more details on how you can access this soon.