24/7 mental health support if you need it

NHS mental health helplines have answered around three million calls during the pandemic.
The dedicated 24/7 NHS mental health crisis helplines were fast-tracked so everyone could get the rapid care they needed without having to go to A&E.
Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can call their local helpline, and you can also call on behalf of someone you’re worried about. Support is available for all ages.
to find out more about urgent mental health support or you can find more information about the background story here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/2021/07/nhs-mental-health-crisis-helplines-receive-three-million-calls/
'I continue to be humbled by the work and commitment of colleagues in mental health services all over the country. They made huge changes in normally impossible timeframes, in the most collective and supportive spirit.' Claire Murdoch, National Mental Health Director