A big thank you to Caring Together volunteers


A meeting was held today at Little London Community Centre to celebrate the achievements of the volunteers at Caring Together during 2016. The work that we do would be so much more limited in scope and quality without the input of volunteers and we appreciate the time and energy that they have brought to their respective roles. The range of feedback received particularly in relation to personal high points during the year included:

‘Children from the local primary acknowledging me on the street after previously taking part in an inter generational event alongside Caring Together and their school’

‘Feeling valued and welcomed during befriending visits’

‘Caring Together is like my family. I use it in all aspects of my life. Not only as a volunteer but also for social support and advice’

Thank you to Lisa for her stellar work with volunteers over the past year and her dedication in providing a full range of opportunities for volunteering and also her support for individual volunteers.