A creative challenge for National Writing Day

Annual celebration of creative writing on 23 June, 2021.
Your voice is powerful. Use it on National Writing Day and beyond.



After more than a year of separation, this National Writing Day is all about connection. On 23 June, as we move towards the reopening of the country, join First Story and connect through creative writing.

This National Writing Day we’re challenging writers to #FilltheBox with a piece of creative writing – a poem, a letter, a story – using the theme of connection. Whether it’s in 280 Twitter characters or on a post-it sized piece of paper, there’s a space to write for everyone. An average post-it note is around three inches tall and wide. If you’re drawing your own box, try imagining the length of three bottle caps!

More details here https://firststory.org.uk/writeday/  with tips on how to get started and details of how to share your piece if you wish to.  Or, of course, you could write it just for yourself