Advice for older people to stay safe and well as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

NHS Leeds CCG | West Yorkshire CANN

We are sharing some advice from Leeds NHS around older people keeping safe and concerns they may have as restrictions come to an end. Key points are below and you can read more at

“As we enter a new phase of living with the virus we would like to share with you some key advice and messages that may make you feel a bit safer and secure, when adjusting to new guidance. We know many older people may have had difficult experiences during the pandemic and we would like you to know we are here to offer advice and signposting.

COVID-19 continues to be a feature of our lives, so this next phase is around learning to live with it and managing the risk to ourselves and others.

Rates of COVID-19 infection are high and we should all continue to be cautious, help to reduce the risk of spread and protect people at highest risk of serious illness.

If you have not yet had your vaccine, we are here to support you whenever you are ready.

You are no longer legally required to wear a mask, social distance or self-isolate, but our advice is to continue to wear a mask in enclosed and crowded spaces such as public transport and health and care settings. Public Health advice still recommends self-isolation if you test positive for COVID-19.

If you are still working you no longer need to work from home.

Where possible, meet outdoors and let fresh air into homes and other enclosed spaces.

Many people will be excited about the return to the way things were before COVID-19, whilst others, may be more cautious.

Please get both doses of the vaccine and the COVID-19 booster if you are eligible to make sure you have the highest level of protection.

It is also important to reduce the risk of spread by washing hands, getting tested if you have symptoms, and isolating if advised to do so.

Top Tips

We want to make the advice as relevant and as clear as possible. We have created these Top Tips for you to use:

If you wish to wear one, keep a mask handy – in a purse, pocket, the car or your bag

Do keep washing your hands for 20 seconds or more

Remember to carry some hand sanitiser and use it regularly

Avoid busy, indoor spaces and meet outside if you wish

Take an extra step – try to keep some distance from others where you can

Let the fresh air in – open more windows or sit near a door

Please ask friends and family to take a lateral flow test before they visit you

Please ask family members to take extra care and follow the hands, face, space guidance if you are helping out with child-care or going on trips.