After The Interval and Before The Interval – a double bill from The Shows Must Go On

After the Interval’ (2012) and its sequel ‘Before the Interval’ (2014), conceived and directed by Luca Silvestrini for award-winning HeadSpaceDance will be presented together for the first time giving you the chance to see them in their continuity.

‘After the Interval’ pins Silvestrini’s observational genius to satirising dancing life. A show about dance and dancers that opens with the performers’ curtain calls, who then answer audience questions, and continues with revivals of their past stage roles and steps. After the Interval brings to the fore the art of dance making and the backstage lives of dancers while celebrating Broom/Akrill’s 20 years joint career and the start of their company HeadSpaceDance.

After The Interval is available to watch now:
And Before The Interval will be available from 7pm on Friday.