Lockdown fitness for the over 60s

The Leeds United Foundation has launched two new health and wellbeing initiatives for the over 60s.

leeds united

Fit Generations held via Zoom every Monday has been created for over 60s with dementia or any other mental or physical disabilities. It helps participants socialise whilst encouraging them to stay active and learn new skills. It includes a variety of activities along with 30 minutes’ physical activity.

Sporting Memories (via Zoom every Wednesday, 1pm to 2.30pm) features one hour of discussion for participants to share past sporting experiences and share sporting memories, followed by 30 minutes of physical activity.

For further information about the initiatives, please contact Beth.Kerrigan@leedsunited.com

You can also read the current national guidance on exercise during lockdown.

Dedication Friday: “Try a Little Tenderness” from Cherril Cliff

Dear all,

My favourite song, is “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding. My friend, Dot and I, loved Otis, back in the 1960s – we were mods and into soul big time. We used to go to the Old Mecca, in the County Arcade and dance around our handbags on Saturday afternoons! The DJ was Tamla Pete.

Otis was killed in a plane crash, when he was just 26 years old and when Dot and I heard this tragic news, we were inconsolable. Gone too soon has never been truer.

I still love Otis and my favourite album, is “Otis Blue.”

Thanks for evoking happy memories and I dedicate this song to my friend Dot, who I reached out and found, at the beginning of the pandemic, having lost touch and we now write regular letters to each other. One of the few good things to come out of these worrisome times. From Cherril Cliff

Thanks for sharing this with us Cherril, and lovely to hear you have been able to reconnect with your friend

Click on the link below
ps. If it asks you to sign into Youtube, just click on ‘no thanks’ and then click on ‘I agree’, you may also have to watch the start of an advert first, you can skip ad once it shows bottom right – enjoy!

Otis Redding – “Try A Little Tenderness” | Don't Forget The Songs 365

image sourced from dontforgetthesong


Shared Moments: ‘Bingo with Caring Together’

Dear all,

We enjoyed an online bingo session yesterday. Not everyone was a winner but we are going to do it again, so there is always next time. Prizes for a line and house will be with you soon!
Save the date for your diary for the next one: Wednesday 17th February 2021 @3pm
Get in touch if interested: lisa@caringtogether.org.uk, or call 07436 530073

News from Rainbow Junktion

Due to a volunteer testing positive we will be open this Thursday and Friday as a food parcel collection service only (no takeaway cooked food, no tea and coffee in the car park, no choice in the shop).
The reduced team of volunteers on these days will be people who had no contact with the person who tested positive.
The parcels they prepare will contain a selection of dry and fresh food and will be as always no referral and no judgement but sadly also no choice.
We are taking these precautions to be extra careful for the safety of our customers and volunteers but hope to resume normal service as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and stay safe everyone, big rainbow love from us all x
No photo description available.

Poetry Corner: ‘Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind’ by William Shakespeare

Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind
As man’s ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude.
Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green holly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
Then, heigh-ho, the holly!
This life is most jolly.

Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
That dost not bite so nigh
As benefits forgot:
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp
As friend remembered not.
Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green holly…

sourced: https:/ www panmacmillan com/

‘Monday Mind Workout’ – answers for Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning everyone,
Yesterday’s Monday Mind Workout was over to you. I invited you to send me your findings to me on phrases that start with the letter K. See below your collective answers, many thanks everyone:
Kangaroo Court
Keep away
Keel Over
Keep at arms length
Keep at Bay
Keen as mustard
Keep a stiff upper lip
Keep a wide berth
Keep body and soul together
Keep it under your hat
Keep schtum
Keep the ball rolling
Keep up with the Joneses
Keep your chin up
Keep your hands clean
Keep your hat on
Keep your distance
Keep your nose clean
Keep your nose to the grindstone
Keep your pecker up
Keep your powder dry
Keeping up with the Joneses
Kettle of fish
Khyber pass
Kick ass
Kick off
Kick the can
Kick the bucket
Kick your heels
Kind hearts are worth more than coronets
King’s ransom
Kiss and tell
Kissing Cousins
(The whole) kit and caboodle
Kith and kin
Knee jerk reaction
Knick knack
Knife Edge
Knit together
Knight in shining armour
Knock back
Knock down
Knock into a cocked hat
Knock off
knock em dead
Knock on wood
Knocked for six
Knowledge is power
Know the ropes
Know your onions
Knock yourself out
Knock the wind out of your sails
Know which side your bread is buttered
Know which way the wind blows
Knuckle down
Knuckle under
Knuckle sandwich
Konk Out
Any more?

New nationwide ‘Better Health – Every Mind Matters’ Campaign launched today

Half of adults say they are more worried during this current lockdown than the one in March 2020.  However, at the same time 3 in 5 (60%) of those asked say they feel hopeful about the future. 

To support people during this time, PHE has launched a nationwide Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign to support people to take action to look after their mental health and wellbeing and help support others such as family and friends. The campaign encourages people to get a free NHS-approved Mind Plan from the Every Mind Matters website. By answering 5 simple questions, adults will get a personalised action plan with practical tips to help them deal with stress and anxiety, boost their mood, sleep better and feel more in control.

Find out more: gov.uk/government/new

Ministry of Food Leeds cookery course over zoom

Ministry of Food Leeds are running a 6 week online cookery course over zoom from tomorrow. It will be hosted by cookery trainers Yvonne, Anthony and Neil. You are welcome to cook-along or just simply watch and ask questions! This is a FREE course – full of healthy recipes and batch-cooking solutions – plus you will even be sent a certificate on completion of the course! To enrol, contact Tricia using the leaflet below.


Image may contain: text that says "Jamie's MINISTRY OF LEEDS FOOD Online 6 week courses delivered over Zoom All Free! Tuesday 19th January 2pm Thursday 18th February 2pm Week Week Savoury Crepe and Poached egg Week Beef Stir fry and Egg Fried Rice Week BBQ Chicken and Wedges Pizza and Evolution Salad Week Humous Crudités and Indian Dal Flatbread Week 6 Simply Tomato Sauce with Pasta and Fish cake with Broccoli (Photos photographer) Please pop in or call 0113 242 5685 or email tricia.temperley@zestleeds.org.uk zest"

Alternatively, you can enrol by visiting https://try.oneyouleeds.co.uk/sign-up/
You MUST be a Leeds resident to enrol on this course.