‘Creative Endeavours’

Day to day living in lock down. Our members wanted to share a bit of what they have been up to. For some they have been baking as we have already mentioned. For others its completing sudoku, art work, gardening, listening to the radio, face time with family and friends, writing, being challenged by exceptionally difficult jigsaws and exercise that includes walking from one room to the other. And a few have talked about doing knitting and crafts for others.

One member said she was currently knitting scarves for our bingo box (for when we are back) and sleeves and blankets for premature babies in Leeds.  And another member is knitting outfits for newborns. I have seen some of these items prior to us sadly having to go into lock down and they were beautiful. And finally another of our members is currently whiling away her time making Christmas cards with hand stitched designs for us for later in the year. I have put a picture below of some she had already given us. Everything is made with such care and attention to detail and love. We appreciate this immensely, as I know the community does too. We look forward to seeing the others once things have settled.