Festival of Light



Some of our members were able to join in on the Little Community Primary School ‘Festival of Light’ event this year, which the school hosted on Friday 25th November 2016.

The children made lanterns to carry and walked around the area with their parents/carers and some of our members ending with a Community Supper.

The walk took them on the pathway next to the park, across to the new park, under the bridge and back via the crossing by the Army Barracks, through the new houses and back to school.

One member noted that the sight and sound of the children walking along, holding lanterns and singing was truly heart warming, he said ‘it went on for a quarter mile and really lifted your spirits with each step’. He said, it felt nice to be part of my community; not just with Caring Together members but also the children, parents/carers, everyone is so welcoming.

Thank you for the invite from all at Caring Together, we look forward to strengthening our connections further in the New Year.