Wordsworth in Woodhouse

img_0294The Wordsworth in Woodhouse  project has now ended. The collaboration between Caring Together, the Wordsworth Society and Leeds University ran for 8 weeks and culminates in a exhibition as noted below:

‘The exhibition ‘Creative Communities: Wordsworth in Leeds’ will be on display in Leeds Central library (in the main lending library) from Monday 9th January to Friday 3rd Feb 2017′


The Caring Together group will be going to a one off event in January 2017 along with some Y5 pupils of Shire Oak Primary School to see their work and pictures in the exhibition. Activities will be organised to help bring both generations together.




‘The exhibition will present images of community. It will include pictures from the Wordsworth Trust archive that capture Grasmere in the 1800s, and these will be contrasted with pictures from the two reading groups in Leeds’.



Most of the members of the reading group have contributed a photo to the exhibition that captures their idea of ‘community’ in relation to the poems that have been read and discussed. Although bringing different generations together and community working is nothing new to Caring Together, such an opportunity to work in partnership with Anna of the Wordsworth Society on a different subject matter for all was thought provoking, fun and interesting. It challenged many preconceptions of poetry among participants. Our members thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward the finale event in January 2017.