Headingley, Hyde Park & Woodhouse Food Bank Donation Drive – this Sunday and Monday

Rainbow Junktion continue to do a phenomenal job for our community in keeping people fed during the Covid-19 crisis.
🥫 They rely on donations, and we have been overwhelmed by the response to the last food bank donation drives, but sadly the longer the crisis goes on the more help people need.
🙏🏻 A huge huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our previous food bank donation drives. What you’ve given has made a massive difference to many people in our community.
📆 While we get closer to dates where restrictions are easing, sadly for many the impact of the pandemic is still significant.
👍🏾 If you’re financially stable and doing a shop for yourself between now and then, please consider spending a few quid on a few items to donate – or alternatively go through your cupboards and see if there’s anything you’d like to donate there!
🥡 Additionally if you have any of the plastic takeaway boxes, like in the picture below, we’re also desperate for any of these to be donated too!
🕗 You will be able to drop donations off between 5pm-8pm THIS Sunday, and 9am-2pm THIS Monday.
📦 Donation locations, which will all have a box outside to put donations in will be at;
🏠 73 Alma Road
🏡 13 Ash Grove
🏠 58 Ash Road
🏡 14 Balbec Avenue
🏠 80 Hartley Avenue
🏘 50 Kings Road
🏡 20 Newport View
🏡 7 Orville Gardens
🏠 24 School View
🕑 At 2pm on Monday we will be going round and collecting all donations and taking them across to Rainbow Junktion. Huge thanks to those who have offered to host a donation station!
Best wishes
Cllrs Garthwaite, Pryor & Walshaw
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