Make Sure You Get Your £150 Energy/Council Tax Rebate

(But check you haven’t received it twice 😊)

An error with the payments means that some people may have had this paid into their bank account twice. If this has happened to you, please make sure you leave the money untouched as the council WILL be recovering it.

LCC have said

“We are aware that a significant number (25,000) of council tax rebate payments have been duplicated, meaning some residents have received the payment twice.

“This is due to a process error where the same payment file was incorrectly processed twice after it was initially rejected by the bank. We are working with our bank to recover the duplicate payments so that the situation can be rectified as soon as possible.

“We would advise residents to check relevant accounts and bear in mind that duplicate payments will be recovered.”

“We would like to apologise for any confusion or inconvenience the duplicate payments may have caused. Our officers have worked hard to ensure residents receive the £150 rebate as quickly as possible, and 120,000 payments have been made correctly.”

Everyone who is responsible for the council tax in a property rated A-D is entitled to the £150 government payment to help with energy bills even if you don’t actually pay any Council Tax because you receive full council tax support (benefit). Unless you pay Council Tax by direct debit you will need to claim this by filling in the form at Caring Together can help members with this if needed.

If you have claimed, or pay by direct debit, and haven’t received payment yet – it is expected to take about 4 weeks to process claims. Payments for direct debit customers are staggered but should all be paid by mid May.