‘Monday Mind Workout’ Answers for Monday 22nd June 2020

Chocolate Trivia questions and answers
1.This Chocolate is pure milk chocolate with a bubbly texture. What is it? Wispa 
2.Which Masterfoods Chocolate bar is also a planet? Mars 
3.When was Milktray introduced? 1915
4. What should you do with a penguin? p p pickup a penguin
5.Which Chocolate bar with a honeycomb centre was introduced in 1929? Crunchie
6.Name the Chocolate: Dark chocolate with gooey minty filling. After eight mint
7. Where was Cadbury’s established? Birmingham
8. Which Cadbury’s Chocolate bar promises to be ‘full of Eastern promise? Turkish Delight
9.Are cocoa beans a fruit or vegetable?  Fruit
10.Name the Chocolate: Crispy wafer-biscuit coated with milk chocolate. Kit Kat
11.What was the first created Chocolate product? Hot Chocolate
12.Which animal could die if it ingests chocolate? Dogs
13.What did a Mars a day help you do? Work rest and play
14. Snickers were originally called what? Marathon
15. If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, what should you do? Join our club
Cryptic Confectionery e.g. wise guys – answer: smarties
16. Teddy Bears Like them – Picnic
17.Big Cats Drink Here – Lion Bar 
18.Sporting Break – Timeout
19. A Good Stretch of Road – Quality Street
20. Not Loud – Whisper
21. Sly Giggles – Snickers
22. Garden Flowers – Roses
23. Big Bus – Double Decker
24. One who wanders – Drifter
25. It’s a Party – Celebrations
Hope you enjoyed this tasty workout