‘Monday Mind Workout’ – answers for Monday 15th March 2021 from Lesley Pearson – part 2

Yesterday’s Monday Mind Workout was the names given to collections of certain animals, such as a group of puppies is called a litter.
1. LEOPARDS                            answer LEAP
2. SKUNKS                                answer: STENCH
3. SHEEP                                   answer: FLOCK
4. TOADS                                  answer: KNOT
5. TURKEYS                              answer: RAFTER
6. WHALES                                answer:  POD
7. TURTLES                               answer: BALE
8. SQUIRRELS                           answer: DRAY
9. KANGAROOS                         answer: MOB
10. JELLYFISH                            answer: SMACK
11. FROGS                                  answer: ARMY
12. HIPPOPOTAMI                      answer: BLOAT
13. RABBITS                               answer: HERD
14. OTTERS                                answer: FAMILY
15. GORILLAS                             answer: BAND