Neurodiversity Celebration Week….

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‘This week is Neurodiversity Week which aims to bring about worldwide neurodiversity acceptance, equality and inclusion in school, workplaces and community. It gives us some space to take a moment in the year to recognise all members of the neurodivergent community and celebrate the every day experiences and strengths of diverse thinkers’

See below for some stories and then below some events happening online this week

See below the Neurodiversity Celebration Week
2022 Events Schedule – click on the link

They’ve created a diverse schedule of events for you to enjoy during Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2022! From introductory webinars, panel discussions and more, our wide range of events aim to educate and encourage conversations around neurodiversity, providing a safe space where you can join thousands of people in celebrating different minds.

All events are free of charge.

Please note that these events are not being recorded, to encourage our participants to speak openly about their personal stories and experiences

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