New Year message from Cllrs Garthwaite, Pryor and Walshaw

From their Facebook page which can be viewed  here

After what will have been for many the worst year in living memory, we look forward in hope to 2021.
We may still be living in restrictions, but there is a vaccination programme rolling out and we can look ahead to a year of seeing friends and family more as the next year progresses.
The three of us have seen the absolute best in our community this year. From a difficult student changeover period, the overwhelming generosity of residents to our food bank donation drives and volunteers coming forward and communities coming together from every corner of Woodhouse, Hyde Park and Headingley.
A special mention of course to Rainbow Junktion and Hyde Park Source who have been our food and Covid hubs this year. Alongside Love In A Box, Caring Together, OWLS Older Wiser Local Seniors, the Cardigan Centre, Gateway Church Leeds, HEART – Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, (and others!) they have been at the heart of our community and exemplified the best of Leeds.
The huge inequality and injustices in our society have been exposed further this year too. They were always there, but now laid bare. Exemplified most strongly by the need for the Council and generosity of local businesses to work together to provide Free School Meals to those who would have simply gone without.
The three of us have now finished our sponsored run for Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice – between us we have walked, run and jogged over 500km throughout December! (You can still sponsor us here – please be generous!)
We’re also delighted that over the year our posts on this Facebook page have been viewed 967,801 times! We hope that we show you how we are working on your behalf, not just at election time, and how we will always work to keep you informed, updated, and given the opportunity to shape how you want our community to look. We know not everyone always agrees but we will always be transparent. We’ll be aiming for a million hits next year!
So here’s to 2021, we wish you and your families a very Happy New Year.
Councillors Neil Walshaw, Al Garthwaite & Jonathan Pryor