Shared Moments: Christmas in September? written by Maureen Kershaw

As we rumble along into Autumn, my favourite Season (followed by Spring), there is certainly a ‘feel’ about the days. Early morning dew on the grass, the sun low in the sky making for difficult crossing of roads by pedestrians, as we’re unable to lower a visor as vehicle drivers can. Doesn’t it get dark early as well? ! On my visit to ‘Home Bargain’s this week, there was a lot of stock-shifting to new aisles so the hanging signs bore no resemblance to what was on offer on the stands. Biscuits were not made by ‘Fox’s’ but more likely to be ‘Harrington’s’ for our four-legged friends.

Of course there’s a change round – Christmas! It is early September after all. Row upon row of colour co-ordinated glitter reindeer and ‘Santas’ but who actually buys these particular items in September I wonder? I know it’s what happens in retail, get everything out on the shop floor now because there’s plenty more to follow. I have purchased the occasional bauble myself if finding something unusual in an independent shop is espied. I do like to add another couple each year to my collection too. The only problem with buying ‘Christmas’ too early is, chances are come the day for the big ‘decorate’ and lights switch-on, will I remember where I put them? A couple of years ago I bought two very elegant baubles on a November visit to Scarborough – which turned up in the following March.

Christmas cards can be another problem. I rarely go specifically to buy cards, preferring to purchase when I’m drawn to particular ones at some other time. They too can be put away somewhere I know I will be able to find – but I don’t. Then there is the matter of buying these and those to ensure I have enough, only to find when opening the boxes containing ‘Christmas’, the abundance of unopened packs  ‘lost and found’ or just surplus to requirements.

Leftover gift wrap can be carefully secured with rubber bands and stored, to be usually thrown away the following year when discovering it hasn’t been packed for the better. Curling ribbon is found in a squashed condition so hits the bin and as for all those stick-on bows….. whenever am I going to use all the existing stocks? I still have an unopened tube of gold bows from ‘Clinton’s’ – the Headingley branch which was converted to either ’02’ or ‘Costa’ several years ago.  On a recent visit to ‘The Works’ I was almost tempted to make my own cards  but thought better of it. Acknowledging the days are not long enough as it is for all I have to do, when can I make Christmas cards?  I still haven’t contacted friends and aquaintances I promised to during Lockdown. Oh dear – and here we are hurtling along into Autumn. Sorry ‘Home Bargains’ I will not be venturing down your (or anyone else’s)  Christmas aisle – I want to enjoy the beauty of Autumn. Hopefully the glorious hues of the changing leaves will be set against a backdrop of blue skies and sunshine. If it rains then I MAY get out the Christmas boxes and take stock. Who knows what I may find?

Thank you Maureen, until next time….