Shared Moments: Day 35 ‘Only a month since my hair appointment was cancelled…..’ by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

Day 35 – Only a month since my hair appointment was cancelled yet already I’m wondering how the lovely David of The Story of O will prioritise his clients when able to re-open. Will we all be lined up outside the Salon whilst David walks along as in an identity parade, deciding on whose needs are the greatest? Of course I have to be prepared for the possibility of the over 70’s being in isolation for much longer. When I shop at the ‘older shoppers’ hour it is a privilege but slightly rankles to be not challenged with “surely not, you’re much too young”.

I wonder how many during this period will be tempted to finely tune their locks and tresses? I’ve owned a pair of hairdressing scissors for years which sit carefully at a distance in a drawer, rather like yum yums or a cream doughnut in a Cooplands window – tempting but I shouldn’t really. I miss my early morning chats with David, occasionally interrupted by Otto, his lovely long haired Dachsund as he wanders from his day bed to the window chaise to observe the passing world. He too must wonder what on earth has happened to his daily routine. After my shampoo I am presented with tea and a Greggs caramel shortcake. It may only be 8am but it’s never too early. I miss our chats putting the World to rights, I miss Otto, the choice of background music, the aroma of the huge vase of lillies on the desk, the antique decor and the standard lamp. Sadly unlit at the moment as I walk by but oh how
welcoming it will be when the lamps are glowing again. By then I may be asking for a cascade of curls down my back but instead of joking, this time I could mean it.

Wonderful Maureen, I will be in the identity parade too, although I have never been offered a caramel shortcake 🙂