Shared Moments: ‘Two Hairnets’ written by Maureen Kershaw

Baby it’s cold outside – definitely  two hairnets weather. I actually wore two pairs of gloves and still my fingers were cold. Not only that but recently with the dwindling number of mask wearers,  I’ve taken to wearing two masks! Now this has not been easy, despite several different combinations being tried. I tend to struggle with the blue medical masks as one size fits all is not necessarily the case. I admire those who can wear them snug to the face, with no gaps and not having to double-loop round the ears. Buying a box from Home Bargains was a mistake as a bargain it was not. So long were the elastics  I’d to knot them, and attempting to wear two was unsuccessful when tying them together only for them to slide around. Next came a blue  one underneath with a navy spotted fabric one over the top, but that slipped too. Cotton masks were next, a Primark black  one with the initial ‘M’ on it proved to be a little small so covered that with a larger one. This resulted in the smaller one dropping down and me almost eating it. At the Varieties I wore a comfortable cotton mask topping it with our ‘Leeds Heritage Theatres’ issue. Unfortunately I hadn’t factored in  the wearing of Christmas earrings meant adjustment of the long drops, rather than studs, through the ear loops too.  All was well until the temperature rose in the auditorium when the double act of masks almost stopped me breathing. The top layer was duly relegated to my waistcoat pocket as the exuberant ‘Let Me Entertain You’ hurled us towards the interval.

In Asda whilst wearing the customary  couple – two layers of cotton coverings – I struggled beyond belief as the ear loops  caught up in my glasses, all encased under my pull- on fleecy hat. The glasses were anchored but the masks underneath moved upwards, to be met with the sliding down of the hat, resulting in the top mask being ripped away as I ventured down the soft fruits and salad aisle.

I am just pleased that from Tuesday, face coverings are compulsory/mandatory on public transport and in shops, when at least I can return to the singular.