Snapshot in time: out and about in Woodhouse, Little London, Headingly, Meanwood and Montserrat…

Dear all,
Below are some pictures we have been sent through to share with you. We hope you like them. If you have any you wish to share then please do keep them coming.
A picture of some wonderful flowers on my walk in Headingley. Lisa
Sylvia has sent these pictures to share with you of her waiting with her son in a long Costco queue in Montserrat and some flowers from a show
And below is a picture that Ben took on his walk of some graffiti on Meanwood beck.
Our friends and neighbours of Craven Road and Delph View sent us a picture to share of them in their garden enjoying some snacks we got to them thanks to Jet2. They said Hi! to you all.
And lastly, I went round to see Rosa last week. She wanted to say hello to you all from her home in Little London. She was 96 on Sunday! –  ‘Happy Birthday Rosa’ And to anyone else who has celebrated a birthday in the last few months.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to pose and send these through, lovin em 🙂