Troggs in the shed

Hello all

I was hoping to get cracking repainting the rusty bits in the shed but that pesky Wren is nest building plans put on hold for a while..yes the Latin for Wren is Troglodytes troglodytes..the shed must remind it of an old damp cave..I just had some news from a friend that the Wren may not set up home in the shed..apparently the male bird builds a few nests and then the female comes and inspects which she fancies..surely not a scruffy old tin can get very hot in the summer as well ..the eggs will be hard boiled..

Ah Yes the Troggs…Wild thing you make my heart sing …you make everything groovy…..they don’t write them like that anymore…was Reg Presley the singer’s real name? one is called Reg are they?…keep on rocking..ben