Ukulele Jam-Along



‘Thanks to our partnership with LUUMIC and our mutual interest in music Caring Together has been able to bring something a little extra to our members this term. In the past we have reminisced, then listened and sang along, now it was our turn to get to have a play-along and try an instrument for ourselves. And for one member to join in using her own instrument: the harmonica’. 

 ‘Being an adult learner myself I can appreciate how difficult it can be but also how much fun it can be too. Our limits in life are often of circumstance, yet given the same chance as others, one can flourish. Our members certainly did that. A couple of members have even enquired about where they can purchase one having loved the experience so much. For others it was just a nice opportunity for them. Most of the members stated they had never had the chance to play musical instruments when they were growing up, well, apart from the recorder. They just felt it was great to be able to try it themselves, in a safe, fun way and just to do something different.’ 

A big thank you to Betsy, LUUMIC President, and all the students and our members who gave up their time to make this a fun couple of sessions’.

Lisa Argyle, Community Resilience Worker/Health Amaze Project Worker

 We are looking forward to our second session in March.