“Mayor’s Fares” start today on West Yorkshire buses

From today fares for single bus journeys within West Yorkshire will be capped at £2 and a day ticket will be reduced to £4.50 as part of the Mayors Fares project introduced to make public transport more affordable.

Of course this won’t affect you if you are able to travel for free with a senior or disabled bus pass but for those who don’t yet qualify for one of these, or if you need to travel before 9.30am when the pass can be used, this will be the most you now have to pay

The Mayor's Fares Illustration Graphic

The maximum single fare of £2 and maximum daily fare of £4.50 will apply across West Yorkshire, on all service operators, on journeys within West Yorkshire. These are not applicable to Park & Ride services, football and other events specials, or the parts of journeys that are outside West Yorkshire.

More information about this and other bus tickets here: https://wymetro.com/mayorsfares